What's in a Name?

Of 1670s Latin origin FULCRUM means:

A FULCHRUM is a pivot point on which heavy workloads can be lifted with reasonable effort that is easier, lighter, faster and more efficient; i.e. more weight with less energy.

Ntranga’s HCM tool, FULCHRUM is literally the fulcrum of your organization on which your business goals and investments revolve. The entire organization hinges on this pivotal process to ensure balance between the work done and the satisfaction of the workforce itself.

FULCHRUM ERP application acts as the leverage for organizations to automate and streamline their HR business processes end-to-end. Thus, Ntranga paves a way for companies to stay informed and to engage their employees through empowerment thus enabling them to balance their workforce and corporate vision.

We bring the right balance of people, process and technology into your organization.

Empower … Enable … Engage