Employee  Travel  Management 

What is Employee Travel Expense (ETE)?

Travel undertaken by employees as part of his or her employment duties is termed as employee business travel. Business travel is to be conducted as per company policies. Employee business travel data must be managed to ensure costs are tracked and to gain control and visibility over business travel spends. Read More...

What are the Pitfalls of not automating ETE?

Manual systems of handling travel requests not only demand time and extensive human resources, but also donot provide a centralized view of crucial spending trends. Read More...

Why automate ETEM?

An Automated and integratedETEM solution helps set and enforce company travel policy. It alsohelps improve visibility and efficiency while aiding compliance.Read More...


fulcHRum’s ETEM module is a complete and comprehensive yet sleek and agile SaaS-based online ETEM system. It seamlessly integrates with existing allied modules like Payroll& Time, to help streamline your employee travel expenses management.Read More...

With fulcHRum’s ETEM module, organizations can:

  1. Monitor and approve trip requests fast through emails and dashboards.
  2. Using the employee data from the FulcHRum system, managers can create periodic reports, for both macro and micro level in-depth analysis.
  3. Managers can build and practice regular audits, dashboards, checks, etc.
  4. The approving manager can study the expense, check if it complies with the company's policies and then decide whether or not to allow it.
  5. Compare time periods, cost centres, or business units. Read More...
  1. Simplify the entire system from request to reimbursement.
  2. Levels of travel facilities set by management based on Employee Designation
  3. Advance payments and per diem can be set and tracked as per the Employee Designation and City Classification
  4. Notification&Reminders to travel Admin to book tickets and upload the same into the system
  5. Improved compliance to the set company policies and Statutory Regulations. Read More...
  1. Submit trip requests online, and capture trip expenses such as receipts automatically.
  2. Employees can request for cash advances at the time of trip requisition.
  3. Approval Status Enquiry of their Request and Expenses.
  4. Easier travel and expense submissions and reports.
  5. Employees can create an expense file online, upload bills and forward it to their approving managers for settlement. Read More...
  1. Provides a visual overview and control for approvers and your finance department.
  2. Real time online tracking of expenses and report generation.
  3. Travel expense analytics help compare travel spend patterns across cost centres over time.
  4. Create travel expense reports in multiple currencies.
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