Time  Management 

What is Employee Time & Attendance?

Employee Time management is the act of planning and taking conscious control over time spent on specific activities by employees. It is crucial for an organization that its employees meet pre-set time schedules to achieve predetermined goals. Read More...

What are the Pitfalls of Not Automating ETAM System?

Manually recording of employee attendance demands time and resources from a large number of dedicated personnel over paper timesheets, spreadsheets, punch timecards, and repetitive data entry and corrections. Read More...

Why to Automate ETAM System?

An Automated employee TMS helps in managing the workforce and in the timely and accurate processingof payroll. In addition, automation helps to reduce overtime and payroll costs by gaining control over labour costs. Automated time registration and collection reduces interpretation and intentional errors. Time and attendance systems are also invaluable for ensuring compliance with labour regulations regarding proof of attendance. Read More...


fulcHRum’s employee TMS is a full-featured time and attendance system that accurately tracks, schedules, and reports on employee time and attendance. Read More...

  1. Define multi location and optional holiday calendars to plan shifts and workforce requirements.
  2. Direct logging in to the Time & Attendance systemby employees via any of the automated time recording systems such as bio-metric fingerprints, RFIDCards, Barcode badges, etc.
  3. Define and configure multiple work shifts and schedules as per the company’s time policies and business needs for a more economical work scheduling.
  4. Define flexible clock rules and assign default schedules to address over or under staffing issues and identify exceptions like late-in, early out, etc.
  5. Capture time card data to enforce consistent application of company policies and regulatory compliance and avoid disputes.
  6. Generate several predefined or ad-hoc reports to analyse and make decisions on workforce management.
  1. Time-sheet data and reports in real time help monitor and control employee work schedules and to minimize losses due to employee absence and out-of-schedule work times.
  2. Automated messaging and workflow notifications give managers a heads up on the employee attendance situation.
  3. Instant approval of overtime and exceptions for tighter control over employee schedules.
  4. Automated timesheet data help managers during performance appraisal time with accurate reports.
  1. Flexible shift planning feature empowers HR with extensive capabilities to custom plan and monitor complex employee schedules of any industry.
  2. Admin dashboard gives a clear concise real time picture of the employees’ attendance.
  3. Bulk upload of shift schedules reduces the workload on the Administration.
  4. Employee Muster roll and other statutory reports are generated in the required formats.
  5. Generate exceptions reports & resolve conflicts before sending the data to Payroll.
  1. ESS (Employee Self Service) feature enables employees to view their schedules, details of overtime or penalizations, holidays, late-in and early-out, and other details remotely.
  2. Employees can request regularization of anyexceptions such as missing time punches, absents, on duty etc.
  3. Employees can submit their time sheets from remote or off-site work locations.
  4. Employees can see their Late in and Early out details and also request for schedule changes etc.
  1. Employee Punch Details
  2. Late In - Early Out
  3. Time Exceptions
  4. Employee Shifts/Schedules
  5. Employees monthly attendance report
  6. Employee Time Muster
  7. Employee Absence Report
  8. Employee Attendance abstract Report
  9. Overtime Report
  10. Time Data for Payroll
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