Employee  Payroll  Management 

What is Employee Payroll?

Employee payroll is the sum total of all compensation that a business must pay its employees for services rendered over a specific period of time. Employee Payroll consists of Basic salary, Conveyance, HRA (House Rent Allowance), Medical benefits, etc. Read More...

What are the Pitfalls of Not Automating Employee Payroll Management (EPM)?

Modern day Employee payroll includes computations of wages, taxes, deductions, benefits, reimbursements, etc. taking inputs from other business departments such as Time & Attendance, Leave, etc. that have become too complex for manual processing. Read More...

Why to Automate Employee Payroll Management (EPM)?

Accurate payroll payment is fundamental to a more productive workforce, fewer payroll enquiries and lower administrative costs. Mismatch of leave and attendance, errors in loans and advances recovery, tax reporting, etc. Read More...


Built on Oracle’s PeopleSoft platform, FULCHRUM’s EPM tool is specifically designed and built for India. It is a highly efficient full-fledged solution addressing all the unique complexities of modern day Indian enterprises. Streamlined, agile and robust, it is easy to implement, and has extensive set of features and reports. Read More...

  1. Leave Balances of employees are shown on the monthly Payslips to keep employees better informed.
  2. Loss of Pay (LOP), Overtime (OT), Penalty hours, etc. also are reported on the payslips.
  3. Automatic submission of all regulatoryrequirements to the appropriate government departments through ECS in the specified statutory formats.
  4. MY TAX Calculator – a simulator to help employees calculate their tax liabilities and plan theirinvestments to reduce the Income tax.
  5. Employees can make their Investment Declarations, both Proposed and Actual, and also continually update them throughout the year with the ESS feature.
  6. LINE ITEM HELP TEXT - All payroll features have HELP text for handy reference while making decisions. Read More...
  1. Provides complete profile on employees with detailed reports on various parameters at all times to the management for decision making.
  2. Automatic statutory deductions and contributions as per government laws.
  3. Company specific deductions, like advances, loans etc. can be configured as per company laws or on ad-hoc needs basis.
  4. A onetime configuration to define any state labour verification, professional Tax (PT) laws, and ESI rules eliminates all redundant processes.
  5. Managers get customized reports to analyse employee turnover and retention data.
  1. It is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for error free payroll processing.
  2. Define the emoluments, deductions, etc., as per the salary structure of the company.
  3. Create and define different types of salary structures and IT exemptions based on the job codes.
  4. Create multiple pay groups and upload in bulk for one time earnings.
  5. Define and accurately handle HRA, conveyance allowances, PF, ESI challans, TDS etc. Read More...
  1. Can view their annual CTC, monthly compensation, payslip details, etc. on the ESS dashboard.
  2. Declare their investments through investment declaration page on the ESS.
  3. Know their tax liabilities through the tax calculator and declare their investment plans directly into the onlinesystem.
  4. ESS feature enables employees to view and download their tax computations and payslips.
  5. Can apply for loans and salary advances via the ESS, and view the status of their request.
  6. Employee queries regarding payroll are directly handled by the system.

FULCHRUM’s EPM module has custom defined reports to suit a company’s needs:

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