Employee  Exit  Management 

What is Employee Exit Management (EEM)?

Employee Exit Management (EEM) is the management of the separation process between an employee and employer. The separation can occur due to any of several reasons like resignations, terminations, lay-offs, and constructive discharges due to mergers or take-overs. Read More...

What are the Pitfalls of Not Automating Employee Exit Management (EEM)?

EEM often always involves several departments such as IT, HR, security, accounts and payroll, as well as other supervisors and co-workers of the exiting employee. Read More...

Benefits of EEM Automation:

Since retention of employees is a key concern for all organisations, it is important to ensure that exiting employees areheard and understood. This process is made possible with an automated system to gather feedback and suggestions from exiting employees. Read More...


fulcHRum’s EEM module:

  1. Design and Define legally acceptable severance packages in exchange for waivers or releases of claims against the organization post termination by employees, thus pre-emptively eliminate threats or law suits.
  2. Customize and configure EEM process workflow as per the company’s policies.
  3. Track online the complete cycle from initiation to the final send-off of the exiting employee.
  4. Customize the templates for Exit Interviews with the help of an extensiveQuestionnaire that helps define and map questions, make them mandatory, optional, active or inactive, etc.
  5. Create a Question Library – Define all questions which need to be used in every exit survey (multiple choice, text area etc.)
  6. Question selection rule as per the job title or designation of the exiting employee. Read More...
  1. Seamless data exchange between all the teams involved with an employee exit - Project, HR, Operations, IT, Finance, Accounts etc. enhancing efficiency.
  2. Ensure time-bound completion of employee off-boarding tasks by mandatory compliance to company policies by all concerned.
  1. Define employee notice periods and automatically calculate salary settlements.
  2. Reduce work load on the Administration with the automated Asset and Payroll clearance processes.
  3. Notify Payroll with instructions about how to process final pay checks.
  4. Give Benefit’s staff instructions regarding what benefits will continue and for how long.
  5. Manage succession planning to fill the gap left by the exiting employee.
  1. Online Exit Form for employees to fill in to capture the information related to exit reason, post exit communication etc.
  2. Hassle free process for employee leaving organization, hence imparting a positive lasting experience.
  3. Organizations can extend the employee separation process to establish ‘alumni’ relationships with former employees, thus keeping the door open for future re-employment.
  4. In addition, ongoing contact with former employees can serve as a source of referrals for open positions in the organization.
  5. A fair and transparent EEM ensures that the relationship ends on good terms.

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