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What is HR Helpdesk?

An internal HRHelpDesk is a resource intended to provide employees with information and support related to the organization’s policies, services, and handle any grievances. The purpose of an employeeHelpDesk is to provide guidance on queries as a first point of contact on issues relating to Payroll, Accounts, Benefits, and HR Policies etc. and resolve grievances in a secure, transparent, consistent and timely manner. Read More...

What are the Pitfalls of not Automating HR HelpDesk?

When employees have queries regarding the organization or their job, they would call the HR department, email their query or simply walk over to the admin. Read More...

Why to automate the HR HelpDesk?

The general norm for best practices across all industries is to create a case for every employee enquiry that is handled by a HR representative, Read More...


FULCHRUM’s Employee HelpDeskAskHR:

fulcHRum’sAskHR module:

  1. Helps Analyse case trends, and guide the staff with the best solutions in case management.
  2. Streamlines communication and Enforces accountability and consistency.
  3. Helps minimize costs due to manual errors and inefficiencies.
  4. Offers a platform to brainstorm on improving policies & processes.
  5. Enables an organization to leverage lower-cost channels to service the workforce.
  6. Provides Management with insight into case volume and root causes.
  7. Helps Assess the effectiveness and compliance to HR policies.
  8. Ensures information confidentiality with 1-to-1 communication in a secure environment.
  1. Enables HR department to capture and categorize employee enquiries to identify patterns and trends in personnel issues and queries.
  2. Assigns support staff as per the category of the query, such as payroll, accounts, admin, etc.
  3. Keeps track variations in responses to same queries.
  4. Reduces stress on Administration and empowers them with tools to resolve common enquiries and problems consistently across the board.
  5. Empowers HR professionals identify policies that require workforce communications, policy re-evaluation orrevamp and training as needed.
  6. Helps balance policy enforcement and employee satisfaction within the organization.
  1. Provides employees with a single window for all their queries, bringing transparency to the resolution process.
  2. Offers a quick and efficient access to company policies and processes via The FAQ knowledgebase.
  3. Ensures when Tickets are not resolved on time are auto escalated to the next level and also can be reopened upon the employee’s discontent.
  4. Ensures quicker response and resolution times leading to a higher level of employee satisfaction.
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